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I know it' s a weird German word. But let me explain. This is a petition which fights against increasing folding bread prices in Germany. Also popularly known as kebab or doner kebab. As the petition page is in German, there's a litte translation down below.

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This petition relates to the folding bread problem. Also popularly known as folding bread, kebab or doner kebab. My buddy Paul paid €11 for a kebab and a Dürüm today. A small tear ran down his cheek.

It is also important to point out that folding bread also means: vegetarian doner kebab, vegan doner kebab, durum, vegetable doner, Falafel and other dishes on hand. The price increase is not only a problem for meat eaters, but also for vegetarians and vegans.

We all read it every day, energy costs are rising, gas prices are hitting a new record high. I am not advocating that these concerns are not taken seriously, but I would also like to draw attention to the fact that it is not just cars that need energy. We humans also need these.

You can't drink petrol, but a Sterni (beer) can. And especially delicious food on hand provides us with energy for the day.

And this is a matter that affects us all. We all need fuel to get through the day well. Because we are the ones holding this country together. And not everyone is lucky enough to be blessed with cooking skills, their own kitchen, time or money. Because of this, most of us are in search of readily available food in the urban jungle.

So we demand drastic measures to secure the basic supply of folding bread.

Our country subsidizes the mining of coal, the top salary of German railway managers, mineral oil, wealthy heirs and indirectly also large corporations, for whom we make it possible to elegantly tax their billions in sales abroad.

We demand that in the future my doner kebab be subsidized and your doner kebab and Paul's doner kebab and a firmly defined folding bread price brake defines the possible maximum price for a kebab.

Of course, it is important (and I was asked to point this out again) that the folding bread price brake is taken over by the state in solidarity and does not bring restaurateurs to their knees.